March Lunch Series

  • March 5 - William Andrews
  • March 12 - Alan Gooch
  • March 19 - Richard Milam
  • March 26 - David Swanson

For more information visit our Lunch Series page

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Priority Groups

The Four Priorities is a new book by Dr. John Tolson and Larry Kreider that provides a process for applying wellness-centered, Biblical principles that revolutionize personal life as well as the life of the local church. For more information on the Four Priorities bible study click here.

Parents Make a Difference

Parents Make a Difference in their children's lives...a HUGE difference. This one fact, if understood by parents, would have a tremendous impact on their children's future. The Parents Make A Difference license plate was created to inform parents, in the most creative ways possible, on how to raise a generation of healthy children.